Travelling Column Machine

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TCM-466 / TCM-666 / TCM-866

TCM-466 (TCM-666, TCM-866)
Worktable: 600 x 4000mm (600 x 6000mm, 600 x 8000mm)
X-axis travel: 4000mm (6000mm, 8000mm)
Y/Z-axis travel: 600mm/600mm
X/Y/Z-axis slide-way: Linear scale (roller-type)
X-axis: With dual gearboxes as well as helical rack & pinion (backlash-free)
Y/Z-axis transmission: 40mm dia., high-speed, low-noise ball screw
X/Y/Z-axis feed rate: 20/24/24m/min
Spindle: BT40/8000rpm (12000rpm optional)